Conserve Water With A Pressure Washer, Save Water, Time and Money

Conserving Water With A Pressure Washer

Nothing cleans faster, better and easier than a pressure washer.

Not surprisingly, pressure washers also CONSERVE WATER, using only a fraction of the water that is typically used when cleaning with a garden hose. Anywhere from 10 – 30% and you have a trigger gun so you are not wasting water while cleaning for even more dramatic effects.

Another real difference that contributes to conservation is productivity. You clean faster with less effort and much less water. Jobs’s that take typically hours can be done much quicker using MUCH LESS WATER because of the time, cleaning power/units (psi x gpm) and effort. You can do much larger areas with much less effort and much less water.

Using Heat To Clean Even Faster

It’s a fact as obvious and elementary as washing dishes in the kitchen sink: hot water cleans faster and better than cold.

How? Higher temperatures cause water molecules to collide with each other creating energy that in turn causes grease and grime to break free from the surface to which they’re attached.

Hot water power washing, with water temperatures up to 200° F, also produces a sanitizing advantage especially important to the medical and food industries.

Over the years, it has been determined that heat isn’t the only element of cleaning that can impact effectiveness. Agitation (water volume and pressure) and soap are also crucial.

Hot water pressure washers bring together a perfect balance of water agitation (GPM and PSI), heat friendly detergents and heated water to create the ideal cleaning machine.

Using Accessories To Speed Up Cleaning

Accessories give your pressure washer a turbo boost to your cleaning, helping to speed up the process and cutting down on water consumption.

  • Rotary nozzles clean deep like a 0° nozzle but fast like a 25° nozzle
  • Walk behind surface cleaners mow down dirt on sidewalks and other outdoor areas
  • Wand extensions help reach higher areas of up to 24 feet
  • Hot water heaters transform cold water systems into heated machines systems offering up to 200° F