When to use a hot water pressure washer

Why Use A Hot Water Pressure Washer?

Hot water pressure washers clean grease, oil and dirt faster and more efficiently than standard pressure washers. Hot water pressure washers use a burner, normally liquid propane or diesel heated, to create hot water up to 200° – 250° F. The hot water, combined with pressure, can help you clean the grease, grime and oil without much need for cleaning solutions such as a degreaser or oil cutters.

When To Use

Use a hot water pressure washer when you need to clean engines or parts with oil, grease, or tough, baked on surfaces. All Landa and Karcher pressure washers can also run in cold water mode for the ultimate in versatility.

When Not To Use

Do not use a hot water pressure washer if you are cleaning surfaces that are coated with wax or lubricant oils.