Fann Contracting Banner, New SCE BIO Wash Water Recycling System

Fann Contracting Gets a New SCE BIO

We are very proud to have finished another beautiful wash rack project in Prescott, Arizona for Fann Contracting.

Working with them on and off for the last five years resulted in one of the nicest wash racks we have done. Equipped with a new SCE BIO skid mounted system with the centrifugal separator, automatic pH control, auto purge and all aluminum construction for ease of installation, operation and durability.

With washpads on either side draining into a cleanup pit with a formed three stage interceptor the system will do a great job of handling the dirt and expected cleaning activity. We also added a Landa ENG natural gas stationary 4 gallons minute at 3000 psi pressure washer to their existing washer.

Thank you to Scott Thomas and Jason Fann for the opportunity and congratulations on your beautiful new facility.