Landa PHW – 25 Reasons Why It’s Built To Last!

This workhorse has been a flagship for more than a quarter of a century, and now has patented Cool-Bypass* technology that limits temperature buildup in the pump during periods of inactivity, prolonging the life of the equipment. Another innovation introduced to an already long list of features is Snap ‘N Go kits, which allow easy upgrades to time delay shutdown, wireless remote operation, or auto start-stop.

This industrial series includes Landa’s large frame LT Pump affixed to their proprietary Tru-Trac belt tension system, and an over sized 10-gallon diesel fuel capacity allows you to complete challenging cleaning jobs without interruption. The integrated float tank and metering valve allows for the easy introduction of detergents when needed. Whether cleaning hog confinements, farm equipment, or fleet vehicles, the Landa PHW series is built to deliver top quality results.

25 Reasons

  1. Industrial-Grade Motor with cast-iron, bushing pulleys and a convenient, 2-bolt pulley adjustment for easy maintenance.
  2. High-Quality Tri-Plunger, Oil-Bath, Pump not an inferior duplex (two plunger) or vertical shaft pump which produce a pulsating, inconsistent spray.
  3. CETA Certified not inflated claims of GPM and PSI that fail to meet the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association’s horsepower rating standards.
  4. Backed by North America’s Largest Network of Trained Service Centers not by a manufacturer whose local service center is a lawn and garden shop with technicians untrained in pressure washers.
  5. 5-Year Limited Warranty Including 1- Year Labor not a hollow warranty that only provides minimal coverage.
  6. Certified to UL-1776 Safety Standards not pressure washers that fail to meet industry safety requirements.
  7. Manufactured Under ISO-9001 Procedures not by a manufacturer that has failed to certify to ISO-9001 quality standards.
  8. Heavy-Duty Chassis Made of 12-Gauge Steel with Welded Seams not the thinner and weaker 14- or 16- gauge steel that may be bent and is not reinforced with a weld.
  9. High-Pressure Hose Made with Steel Wire Braid with 24-inch safety hose guard for operator protection against a hose burst; not braided plastic.
  10. Protection only brand that comes standard with a rupture disk on the discharge side for operator protection against thermal expansion.
  11. Inlet Filter screen mesh prevents debris from entering and damaging the pump.
  12. Durable Trigger Gun for operator control of the spray action at the point of cleaning.
  13. Variable Pressure Wand insulated for operator protection; easy to switch between wash and rinse modes while cleaning.
  14. High-Efficiency Burner protected with over-hanging cover and easy to access for servicing and adjustments.
  15. Swivel Swedge Fitting to avoid constant tangling of the hose.
  16. Flat Free Tires a solid microcellular polyurethane foam filled tire, not tubeless tires with a tendency to go flat or hard rubber wheels that don’t absorb vibration.
  17. Heavy-Duty Axles and Wheel Retainers not light-weight axles with stubborn push-on wheel caps that can disfigure when removed.
  18. Stainless Steel Coil Wrap prevents rust and is impervious to chemical and UV deterioration.
  19. Electrical Cord that extends 36 feet with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on all single phase models.
  20. DuraCoil famous hot-water coil is cold-rolled for a long life of leak-free operation and is backed by a 5-year warranty.
  21. Polyethylene Fuel Tank is rust-free with fuel line elevated above tank floor to keep dirt and debris from plugging the hose.
  22. Lexan Tri-Lingual Labels for owner and operator protection and to prevent peeling due to the elements.
  23. Powder Coat Epoxy Paint Protection not spray paint that peels and wears from exposure to sun and pressure washer spray.
  24. Automated Controls including a magnetic starter with auto stop-and-start at the trigger gun plus time delay shutdown for operator convenience.
  25. Multiple Safety Features including rupture disk, thermal pump protector and motor thermal overload switch.