Landcare Takes a Wider Swipe at Cleaning

LandCare Finds The Perfect Pair for One Pass Cleaning

When LandCare, a nationwide landscape maintenance company, needed a faster, one pass solution for cleaning resort properties, we found the perfect set-up. Introducing the Steel Eagle 48” surface cleaner. Double the width of the standard surface cleaners on the market, with the same power you’d expect from a smaller system.

The Steel Eagle 48″ surface cleaner features an all metal chassis, stainless steel deck and adjustable handle that folds down for easy storage. Even better is the 48″ cleaning width, which is possible with the two swivels that run at 4 GPM each. The larger cleaning width allows LandCare to easily clean sidewalks and large concrete areas in half the time of the standard surface cleaners on the market.

The Steel Eagle 48″ Surface Cleaner was paired with a SCE PGC pressure washer, which puts out the required 8 GPM for the surface cleaner. The SCE PGC is a portable, cold water, gasoline powered machine with a powerful 24 HP Honda engine. The perfect pairing for getting the job done right.

For more info on the Steel Eagle 48″ Surface Cleaner, click here. Not interested in links? Give us a call at (800) 635-4903 so we can pair up the perfect combination for your cleaning needs!