Little Miss BBQ Superior Cleaning Equipment Story

Little Miss BBQ Has Excellent Taste (In Cleaning Equipment)

One of the most successful barbecue places in town and the nation is right down the street one block east of us from our Phoenix on University Drive. I had a chance to talk to Scott Holmes, the Owner of Little Miss BBQ who is also a customer, about their operation.

We sold them a Landa HOT2-15024D Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer to use in cleaning up their cooking area.
Every Saturday they wash down the grilling and smoking area with the Landa and he loves how portable it is, the fact it uses 120V power and the job it does for them. Hot water at 200 temperature not only cleans better but sanitizes and lets them get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Now, you ask, did I negotiate a once a month for life free meal when I sold the Landa HOT unit to them? No, I wasn’t that smart. And with the demand and lines they have every day, I don’t think I would have sealed the deal. Although the store doesn’t open until 11 o’clock, people every day start lining up at 10 or earlier and they actually have to have a dedicated person handle traffic out front on University. They also hand out waters and samples to people in line. And they sell out most of the time. Incredible. But I am not surprised, they are a Landa Owner, it’s an elite group.

Don’t believe me about how great this place is? Here’s some articles written about them:




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