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Pressure Washers

Pressure washers, often called ‘power washers’ allow you to clean surfaces using water and high pressure. The PSI is what allows the water to penetrate the dirt, while the GPM is the amount of water leaving the tip of the spray gun and washing away the dirt. Choosing the right pressure washer comes down to the type of jobs you will be tackling and the surface of what you’ll be cleaning.

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Types of Pressure Washers

  • Portable – Normally have 2, 3, or 4 tires or caster wheels. These systems can be pushed or pulled to locations.
  • Skid – Mountable systems that enable you to place onto a gator, truck, van, trailer or any other area.
  • Stationary – Normally plumbed into an area, whether it’s outdoors or indoors (depending on model). Many of these systems can be placed away from the cleaning area and activated with a wired or wireless remote system.
  • Trailer – Trailer mounted systems allow for the ultimate portability. Often times, they include a water tank and wash water recycling systems. We offer customized pressure washer trailers to help you maximize your cleaning with the accessories you need.

Hot or Cold

  • Hot Water – Often called “steamers”, if you’re cleaning anything with grease or oil, you’ll need hot water. Hot water cuts through faster and more efficiently. The heat is achieved with a burner component, which does add to the overall price of the machine.
  • Cold Water – Combined with high pressure, these systems are great for blasting away dirt, mud and even paint. When used with chemicals, they can be as effective as cleaning with hot water machines.

Pump Drives

  • Direct Drive Pump – Pump is directly attached or “plugged into” the engine or motor. Direct drive pumps are more compact, however, create more heat and wear down faster because of it.
  • Belt Drive Pump – Engine or motor is connected to the pump by a belt.  The belt and pulley system allows the engine or motor to spin the pump, creating the high pressure needed. This action creates less RPM (rotations per minute), reducing the stress put on the pump.

As an authorized Landa and Karcher pressure washer dealer, we offer industrial grade systems that are meant for day in and day out use. These units are some of the toughest and most rugged machines on the market, with warranties just as good. Give us a call or stop into our Phoenix / San Diego branches to see how we can help clean up your dirty world.


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