Our Service Department is Going Digital!

Paper, paper and more paper. It’s a constant in any office, but with paperwork comes the bottle necks. Well, Superior Cleaning Equipment Inc. has made the investment to eliminate that by going 100% digital! Starting November 1st, 2018, we will fully switch over to a completely online service management program. This means better and far faster […]

Perspectives From The CETA Board of Directors

Excerpt from “Cleaner Times” Magazine Article by Diane Calabrese featuring Greg Sprunk, President of Superior Cleaning Equipment and a CETA Director. “I think the boiler regulations that Marlo Dean is working on, as well of some of the emission standard issues that are happening in California, are going to be things we need to support […]

Why Choose a Landa?

There is more to Landa cleaning equipment than rugged and industrial quality and industry leading user safety features. There is a local dealer, equipped with know-how, parts, and technicians for you. Landa equipment is backed by North America’s largest network of cleaning equipment dealers, highly skilled in supporting your business (with factory parts, certified service, […]