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Cool-Space BLIZZARD, 50″ Fan, Variable Speed

Cool-Space BLIZZARD, 50″ Fan, Variable Speed


Designed to cool up to 6,500 ft².

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Part Number: CS6-50-VD



  • Ground fault protected electrical cord for additional safety and a cord wrap for easy storage
  • 2 year industry leading warranty on all parts and a LIFETIME warranty on housing
  • Edge coated, 8″ thick cooling media for durability and performance
  • Protective surface extends media life, reducing long term maintenance
  • Large, built-in 64 gal. water reservoir for extended use
  • Standard electrical outlet and a garden hose or portable supply tank are the only requirements for use
  • Swivel, locking casters for easy maneuvering
  • Low water shut-off to extend pump longevity
  • Tough, UV resistant, durable molded polyethylene housing
  • Conveniently located reservoir cap allows easy water treatment access
  • Drain plug for water removal
  • Long term dependability and nearly maintenance free
  • Quiet, comparable to light rainfall
  • Cooling coverage area of 6500 ft²


1. Read the Owner’s Manual.
2. Check all hose connections.
3. Use a 12 gauge cord if under 50ft. or use 10 gauge cord if over 50ft.
4. Provide fresh air intake for the Cool-Space cooler.
5. Keep 3 ft. minimum clearance behind the Cool-Space cooler.
6. Flush new cooling media by filling the Cool-Space cooler with water, switching the pump on
and run without the fan for at least 5 hours.
7. FAN START UP: Turn fan switch to HIGH speed, allow for maximum speed, and then set at
desired speed.
8. Make sure the cooling media is being evenly saturated with water by adjusting the water
flow using the flow control valve.
9. Drain and clean weekly. Various conditions determine the need for this maintenance.
Remove cooling media and wash with a garden hose.
10. Use Refresh™ Tablets (Algae Killer) and/or CTT-EC™ Cooler Treatment Tablets (Mineral
11. ENJOY.


1. Don’t forget to dry out the pads before shutting down. Turn off the pump and leave fan
running for 10-15 minutes.
2. Don’t run pump without first filling the reservoir with water.
3. Don’t turn water valve all the way open; it may flood the cooling media.
4. Don’t operate with more than 60 lbs. of water pressure.
5. Don’t operate the in a sealed room. Allow for fresh air intake and exhaust.
6. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

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Weight420 lbs






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