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SCE BIO GT Skid, Golf/Turf Water Discharge or Recycle System

SCE BIO GT Skid, Golf/Turf Water Discharge or Recycle System


The SCE BIO is your all-in-one wash water recycling system.

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The SCE BIO GT (Golf and Turf) Skid Series utilizes fixed-film bacteria in conjunction with coalescing media. Various tank sizes and flow rates are used to create retention time for the treatment of wastewater systems. Oxygen is applied to the bacteria in the waste stream by venturi injection. The SCE BIO GT Skid is designed specifically for locations such as golf courses, farms, cemeteries, etc. with heavy biological wash water including dirt and grass.

Stainless steel or aluminum models for durability and bioremediation technology coupled with water fall filters, towable grass carts to help your maintenance facility recycle and re-use one of natures most precious resources. Free on-site visit, CAD design and layout are available to make sure that your system is tailor made for your facility. We have local service and support to make sure your system runs well year after year. We have factory trained and authorized technicians covering all of Arizona and Southern California and offer Planned Maintenance Agreements which include consumables.

This system offers models available for either recycle or discharge operations. Each unit offers added benefits such as:

  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple equipment operation
  • CSA approved control panel which meets the requirements of the US and Canadian standards for an industrial Control Panel


Model NumberFlow RateBiological MediaTank CapacitySump PumpTransfer PumpDimensions (LxWxH)Shipping Weight
BIO-20D0-20 GPM2,304 sq. ft.890 Gallons1/2 HP8′ x 4′ x 4′950 lbs.
BIO-20R0-20 GPM2,304 sq. ft.890 Gallons1/2 HP1.5 HP8′ x 4′ x 4′ w/ 3′ x 3′ skid1092 lbs.
BIO-25R0-25 GPM3,456 sq. ft.1,434 Gallons1/2 HP2.0 HP12′ x 6′ x 4′1680 lbs.
BIO-35R0-35 GPM6,480 sq. ft.2,244 Gallons1/2 HP2.0 HP12′ x 7′ x 5′1900 lbs.



  • Pinch Valve Assembly - Pinch valve, bladder style (used on cone bottom tanks)
  • 550 Gallon Product Tank Expansion - For when larger volume of the waste stream is desired
  • Epoxy-Lined Tank - High solid polyamide epoxy-lined tank is chemical and corrosion-resistant
  • pH Control System - For when pH adjustment is needed
  • Dual pH Control - Two set points where pH can be adjusted either up or down
  • Hour Meter - Displays the number of hours unit has been in operation
  • Auxiliary Poly Tank - Allows you to treat the BIO water with ozone in a separate poly tank
  • Ozone - For specialized applications where sterilization of the waste stream is desired (not available on Marine Aluminum models)
  • Magnetic Drive Pump - Seal-less pump
  • BIO Sump Pump Swap - Customized option, converts submersible pump to surface-mount sump pump
  • High Solids Media - Allows for debris to travel easily through media with vertical design
  • Heater - Promotes heat for microbes, powered from the main box, additional 20A required

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Golf and Turf

Water Treatment

Pre-treat/Discharge, Recycle

The Process

  1. Submersible Sump Pump - Untreated wash water is introduced into the BIO system by a 1/2 HP submersible sump pump.
  2. Waterfall Filter - Especially useful in golf course applications, water is typically pumped into a marine grade aluminum waterfall filter for effective grass and particle separation. Water flows into the system while grass and debris are separated and dropped into the grass cart.
  3. Grass cart - Grass from the waterfall filter is collected in the grass cart. Grass is de-watered through a specially designed stainless-steel screen in the grass cart that allows the cart to be filled with grass and debris without clogging the screen. Water drains back to the pit and the grass can easily be transported for disposal.
  4. Bioreaction tank - Untreated wastewater is pumped in the first chamber of the stainless-steel tank, where solids are precipitated and the microbes begin their work. The tank has up to 2,244 gallons of holding capacity to provide maximum treatment time for the biological microbes.
  5. Biofilm Generative Media - The bioreaction portion of the system houses literally thousands of square feet of biological media surface area where the microbe growth is maximized. Water flows through the media and around a series of baffles, changing direction countless times and maximizing contact with "hungry" microbes. The microbes then treat the water by consuming a broad range of organic constituents (such as herbicides, pesticdes, oils, grease, etc.) turning them into carbon dioxide and water. To ensure proper and conitnued colonization, microbes are added periodically - a process called innoculation.
  6. Aeration System - A unique aeration system injects large amount sof oxygen into the wastewater. Generating dissolved oxygen is critical for maximizing the health and activity level of microbes and the size of the colony.
  7. Ozone - An ozone generator is an option for specialized applications where sterilization of the waste stream is desired. (Ozone injection is not available for aluminum tank systems)
  8. Pressurized Tank - Once water is biologically treated, a pressureized tank and pump deliver up to 35 GPM of recycled water to three outlet ports.
  9. Peristaltic Pump - Self-priming for passive automatic liquid microbe injection.
  10. Sloped Bottom Tanks - Makes regular scheduled maintenance easier.


See how much water you can potentially save using the SCE BIO wash water recycling system. This calculator is based on you already using a washing method (pressure washer) to clean off equipment, vehicles and more.

Pressure Washer GPM

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Days washing in a week

Weekly Savings: Gallons

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