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SCE PCS Series

Introducing the Precision Cleaning System (PCS), Superior Cleaning Equipment’s front load, aqueous, automatic parts washer cabinet series. This system not only provides precision cleaning, but reliability that makes the PCS a keystone in the world of cabinet cleaning systems.

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A Heavy Duty Machine Built With Commercial Customers In Mind

With 17 standard models to choose from, custom units with turntables up to 120″, weight capacities up to 50,000 lbs. recirculating and fresh water rinse cycles, ambient and heating blow off options, Superior Cleaning Equipment has the parts washer to not only meet but exceed but exceed your cleaning needs.

Models Available

Model Turntable Diameter Working Height Weight Capacity Solution Capacity Pump Load Design
SCE-PCS-2532 25″ 32″ 1,000 lbs. 95 Gal. 3 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-3136 31″ 36″ 1,000 lbs. 140 Gal. 3 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-3142 31″ 42″ 1,000 lbs. 140 Gal. 5 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-3148 31″ 48″ 1,000 lbs. 140 Gal. 5 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-3642 36″ 42″ 1,500 lbs. 180 Gal. 5 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-3648 36″ 48″ 1,500 lbs. 180 Gal. 5 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-3660 36″ 60″ 1,500 lbs. 180 Gal. 7.5 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-4255 42″ 55″ 1,500 lbs. 240 Gal. 7.5 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-4260 42″ 60″ 1,500 lbs. 240 Gal. 7.5 HP Roll Out
SCE-PCS-4272 42″ 72″ 1,500 lbs. 240 Gal. 10 HP V-Notch Door
SCE-PCS-5060 50″ 60″ 2,500 lbs. 300 Gal. 15 HP V-Notch Door
SCE-PCS-5072 50″ 72″ 2,500 lbs. 300 Gal. 15 HP V-Notch Door
SCE-PCS-6060 60″ 60″ 2,500 lbs. 400 Gal. 15 HP V-Notch Door
SCE-PCS-6072 60″ 72″ 2,500 lbs. 400 Gal. 15 HP V-Notch Door
SCE-PCS-7260 72″ 60″ 2,500 lbs. 550 Gal. 15 HP V-Notch Door
SCE-PCS-7272 72″ 72″ 2,500 lbs. 550 Gal. 15 HP V-Notch Door

Standard Features

Vertical Pump System – Reliable and efficient
Watlow Heat Elements
Industrial Controls – Lighted switches
Mechanical Door Seals – No rubberized seals that will leak
Large Swing Out Doors – Full access to turntable
Removable Steel Basket- Traps solids and larger debris
Option Ready Shelf – Not sure what options you’ll need? The SCE-PCS comes ready for simple Plug N Play option installation in field
Low Water Shut Off – Protect your heat elements from low water conditions
Swing Away Spray Manifolds – For Better impingement on smaller parts

V Notch Door

V – Notch Tower/Door

The V – notch design on the front cabinet style washers allows access to the center of the turntable from above for ease of loading and unloading with the use of overhead lift systems.

Gear & Sprocket Turntable

SCE’s washers use sprocket driven turntables that eliminate chains, belts, tires, and other friction drives systems that can stretch or slip resulting in poor cleaning performance.

Swing Away Spray Bars

Swing away mid level spray bars allow a range of part sizes to be cleaned. By reducing the distance from the part to the manifold/nozzle, we achieve faster, more efficient cleaning.


Rollout Turntable

One of the nicest feature of these units is the ability to not only have the door swing wide open but also have the turntable rollout for even better access. Perfect for working with cranes or tough to access parts.

Filtration with Tank Sweep

Every unit we sell in our front load line comes with this option. This allows the solution in the tank to stay cleaner longer and allows the operator to clean by turning a three way valve. This valve diverts water from the spray nozzles in the cabinet to staggered nozzles in a spray bar in the tank. This then stirs up the solution in the tank and runs it through the filter continuously cleaning the solution over and over again saving the operator from hand cleaning or at least extending the time periods between. Empty the bag and turn the valve back to the spray position and your solution is cleaner and you are ready to clean through the cabinet again. Using a 50 micron or varying bag filter you make sure your parts get cleaned and so does the solution.


Auto Water Fill with DEMA Soap Injection Valve

We only offer the Faxon stainless steel auto water fill valve with automatic soap injection when adding water. One of the most frustrating aspects of mild steel cabinet washers is rust. It occurs when the solution is not added to the tank when water is added. Our soap has a rust inhibitor which coats the metal when cleaning. If the washer has water added with no soap rust occurs. With this option soap is always added when water is added prolonging your return on investment.


Two Channel Digital Timer

We include the 2 channel timer for heater and the standard oil skimmer. This allows the solution to be at full operating temp in the morning and shut off at night saving power and expense. And on the off hours when the solution is cool and the oil more viscous, we skim with the oil skimmer and get better results.

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