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Superior Water Conditioner, CE-R1-8, Magnetic Mineral Remover

Superior Water Conditioner, CE-R1-8, Magnetic Mineral Remover


By installing a magnetic water conditioner, you can reverse the negative effects of mineral build up in your pressure washer heating coil and reap the benefits of retained efficiency and equipment longevity—without energy costs or chemicals.


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Part Number: CE-R1-8
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For agricultural/irrigation systems, in addition to scale and corrosion control in equipment, Superior Manufacturing Corporation’s water conditioners reduce water usage by up to 30% and fertilizer usage by as much as 50% by reducing surface tension and solubility. These benefits help to eliminate the need for wetting agents with no loss in irrigation effectiveness.

The Superior Water Conditioning Treatment systems are custom designed to allow safe and desirable elements to remain in the water such as calcium, magnesium and other minerals that are beneficial for human consumption.

While not a water softener and should not be represented as such, Superior Water Conditioners do, however, physically condition the water in such a way that precipitated hard water minerals enter into a state of suspension, rather than forming hard calcite scale on heat transfer surfaces. This chemical-free water treatment process improves and preserves the efficiency and lifespan of water heaters, dishwashers, ice makers, humidifiers and overall plumbing systems.

Superior Water Conditioners also reduce the surface tension of water, which naturally offers additional benefits. The application of one of our DU models, installed with a media-type filter not only treats the water supply for scale control, but also enables a more thorough and effective backwashing of filter media.

Superior Water Conditioners’ treated water is compatible with Green Sand, Birm, GAC, KDF and even ion-exchange resins, and will provide improvements over just filtering or softening alone. When backwashing a softener with treated water, the resin bed will remain loose and will not pack over many years of use, which will extend softener life, increase efficiency, reduce salt consumption and conserve water.

Other benefits of reducing water surface tension include reduced spotting on dishes, silverware and even shower doors. Treated water is also effective in washing down house siding, windows and automobiles.

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