Tuffy Cleaning Systems, New Electric Powered, Battery Operated Pressure Washer System

100% Battery Powered Pressure Washer

We’re pleased to announce the all-new Powerload from Tuffy Cleaning Systems. This 100% battery powered, all-in-one system delivers professional cleaning results with zero emissions.

The Tuffy Powerload is specifically designed for mobile cleaning, with a small footprint to allow for mounting in the back of a standard pickup truck. Stay ahead of the curve with the Tuffy Powerload.

System Features

  • All electric
  • Zero emissions
  • Battery powered industrial pressure washer
  • Multiple flow and pressure settings to optimize your cleaning needs (up to 4 GPM, 4000 PSI)
  • Integrated charging system
  • Aluminum construction
  • 100 gallon water tank with fill hose reel
  • Made in the USA

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