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Wash Water Recycling & Treatment Systems

Custom Wash Water Recycling System

Technologies Available:

Gravity Separation
Chemical Coagulation
Mechanical Filtration
Oil-Water Separation
Automatic pH Control
Automatic Purging

Free Design & Consultation

Maintenance Agreements Available

Save Water

Stay In Compliance 

Customize How You Recycle Your Water

The Clean Water Act, originally passed in 1972, established a national clean water standard to be administered by the EPA. The biggest impact, however, came in the form of a 1987 amendment that protects U.S. surface and ground waters. The EPA list of toxic pollutants includes: benzene, cadmium, mercury, lead, zinc, copper, toluene and more. The less toxic but equally offensive pollutants include: detergents, turbidity, solids, visible/emulsified oils and grease and suspended debris. If you’re using a pressure washer to clean, even the slightest amount of oil or pesticides found on the ground or going down a storm drain is enough for the EPA to have you in their sights. Abiding by the EPA rules and regulations can be the difference between continuing to make money or taking a few fines that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s where we come in. 

Solids content, emulsification, oils, amount of equipment, hours spent washing it, footprint and budget are all factors. We found that not one solution works for every customer and that we needed to provide a modular solution depending on the waste stream. That’s why we designed the customized SCE Bio system using handpicked components to make sure that your wash water gets treated to be the cleanest  it can be before returning back to the pressure washer for re-use. With over 300 wash rack installations, free CAD design and layout and earning the distinction of being the #1 Water Maze dealer in the world year after year we know what our customers need to keep in compliance, be as productive as possible and get a great return on investment. With systems for industrial equipment, golf and turf and other applications we can design and install the perfect system for your application. Call us today to see how we can help you recycle your water for years to come. 

Above: CoAg Chemical Treatment Water Results.

Conserve water, our most precious resource.

Stay in compliance with federal, state and local regulations including the Clean Water Act.

Increases the value of your facility and saves money in the future from remediation costs and Phase 1 and 2 environmental issues by having a closed loop system.

More productive. Closed loop systems are designed to handle solids and wash faster and more efficiently.

Main Components

IPF2-20D Indexing Filter

Electrical – 120V @ 15 amp draw
Construction – Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
Features – 5 or 20 Micron Paper Sump holds approx. 40 gallons of water. Includes floats in sump as well as float controlled automatic indexing
Options – “Tall Boy” model

Compact CoAg Chemical Treatment

Electrical – 120V @ 14 amps with in-feed pump
Flow Rate – Up to 20 GPM
Features – Chemically treats emulsified waste streams, suspended solids & oils
Options – Onboard HP in-feed pump for flooded suction applications

PM-1000 Biological Treatment

Electrical – 120V, 6 amps
Cabinet – Steel, Epoxy Powder Coated Cabinet
Features – On-Board timers, air compressor w/ air stones & microbial injection pumps

Black Cone Bottomed Tanks

Volume – Up to 1,000 Gallons
Dimensions – 500 Gallon Tanks are 4′ in diameter
Features – Special UV black cone bottomed tanks w/ integrated stands,  bio-material for microbial treatment & integrated air-stones

REC2-20 Recycle Module

Flow Rate -Up to 20 GPM; option up to 30 GPM
Electrical – 208V or 230V 1 pH, 20 or 30 amps
Features – Transfer pump
Options – AMC Maintenance, Digital pH controller, Ozone generation

CLT-300 Grass Cart/Hydroscreen

Volume – 300 gallons
Shape – Black cone bottom tank
Features – Grass dumpster w/ stainless steel screen insert, stainless steel hydro screen & mounting bracket for removal of grass clippings & organics commonly found in turf maintenance facilities. Takes the place of the IPF indexing filter

Add-On Options

Landa Pressure Washers

In wash rack applications, the pressure washer is an integral part of the purchase. Choose from Landa’s top of the line pressure washers, backed by a 7 year pump warranty. We have hot or cold, stationary, natural gas, LP or diesel fired models with up to 10 GPM and 5000 PSI.

Landa LanCom Wireless Remote

Landa’s LanCom wireless remote system is currently available as a factory installed option on the VHG, PHWS, VNG, EHW, and SEA pressure washer series. This wireless remote system gives the user the capability to control the pressure washer’s pump, burner, and detergent injection operations from up to 300 feet way. Save energy by shutting down the unit when not in use. It also removes the hassle and cost associated with the installation of hard-wired remote stations and saves time with easy startup and shutdown of the unit from a remote washing area such as when washing at a site away from the main unit or from a ladder or scaffolding.

Water Maze Fiberglass Pit Systems

Reinforced, pre-fabricated, fiberglass pits serve as an economical in-ground, oil-water separator as well as provide an ideal method of capturing wastewater generated by pressure washing. The 3-stage collection pit is designed with baffles, with the middle chamber perfectly sized to receive Water Maze’s proprietary oil-coalescing plates for enhanced separation. Catch basins with cold rolled steel  grates provide load bearing double containment support for peace of mind and are easily serviceable.

Water Maze Water Blaster

The Water Maze Water Blaster delivers up to 25 GPM of water volume—nearly 6 times more than most pressure washers—along with 500 PSI of pressure to knock off heavy dirt with ease. Water Blasters come standard with two electrical configurations of an industrial-duty 10 HP motor with on-off motor control for convenience in washing away from the unit; rugged self-priming, high-pressure diaphragm pump mounted on vibration isolators; liquid level switches to ensure flow of water; and 100 ft. of 3/4-inch, abrasive-resistant hose with a variable fan wand.

Heavy Equipment Yard Washing 8 hours a day with a 6 GPM pressure washer switching from sewer discharge or discharging on the ground to a closed loop SCE BIO Wash Water Recycling System.

If you have a 6 GPM pressure washer that puts out 360 gallons per hour.
If you wash 8 hours a day that equals 2,880 gallons of water used per day.
In a week washing five days that is 14,400 gallons of water a week.
In a year using a closed loop recycling system you would save 750,858 gallons of water*.
That is with one pressure washer from one business. Imagine what could be saved if just 100 more businesses switched to recycling their wash water. The answer is an amazing 75,000,000 million gallons of water a year.

* You do need to drain the system of water and fill with new at least once possibly twice a year. Most systems store an average of 3,000 to 6,000 gallons of water. So this can be deducted from the top comparison

How much water will you save?

Find out for yourself how much water you can potentially save using our custom SCE BIO closed loop wash water recycling system. If you like what you see, give us a call so we can get started on your free consultation.

Pressure Washer GPM

Hours washing in a day

Days washing in a week

Weekly Savings: Gallons

Annual Savings: Gallons

Wash Rack/Wash Pad

Your Gas & Power

What Are You Washing?

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