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WasteWater Evaporation Systems

Wastewater Evaporation Systems

Dramatically Reduces Disposal Volume & Cost
Eliminates Sewer Discharge Accountability
Easy to Install, Operate, and Maintain
Low Operating costs
Can be Used as a Stand-Alone Solution or as a Complement to Filtration Technologies
Keeps Wastewater Disposal Under Your Control
Evaporation can give you an up to 95% reduction by dewatering the waste stream.

What Does a WasteWater Evaporator Do?

Like a pan of water on the stove, wastewater subjected to heat is evaporated leaving the pollutants to be skimmed off or disposed of as sludge. In short, wastewater evaporators safely and naturally eliminates the water portion of a waste stream leaving behind only the gunk—usually about 5-10% of the total volume—to dispose of.

The technology use in wastewater evaporators is typically either through immersion heating (pan on a stove) or submerged combustion (sending the heat into a tube immersed in water). Water Maze has systems with both technologies.

Case Study & Calculator

A Manufacturing Company that had a waste stream with penetrants and dye:

They were producing 50 gallons a day and paying to have that waste stream hauled off at $1.25 a gallon.
In an average month they were producing 1,100 gallons of wastewater and were paying on average of $1,375.00 per month in hauling costs.

By installing a Water Maze HBG-30 Waste Water Evaporator they reduced the waste stream by 95% saving $1,375.00 a month.

The evaporator uses natural gas and costs about .05 a gallon to operate with gas and electricity so the cost to add back in to operating costs is $55.00.

So the net savings was $1,320.00.

The HBG costs a total of $25,000.00 installed giving it a 19 month ROI. In other words, it paid for itself in just over a year and a half’s time.

* You do have hauling costs of the concentrated 5% sludge that needs to be factored in the above.

How Much Will You Save?

Find out what you can potentially save annually in hauling costs. If you like what you see, and your business can greatly use these systems, give us a call so we can get started!

Gallons You Produce Daily

Cost to Haul per Gallon

How Many Days a Week?

Annual Cost: $

Cost With Evaporator: $

Average Savings: $ a year

Water Blaze (WB) High-Efficiency Wastewater Evaporator

The WB (or Water Blaze) series, introduced in 1994, is the first evaporator to use high-efficiency submerged combustion technology. It works by forcing heat through a submerged tube and releasing it directly into the water for 100% heat exchanger efficiency and dramatic operational and energy cost savings. Two models process waste streams at 60 or 120 gallons per hour.

Featuring top-of-the-line immersion tube jet burner components, with a solid-state flame control monitor, the WB evaporators are capable of creating temperatures of up to 2000°F, releasing hot flue gases directly into the water.

Other features include:

Heat-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel sparger tube with unique air distribution system;
RF capacitance liquid level assembly for greater safety and enhanced operation;
Nema 4 electrical box with operational controls as well as troubleshooting indicator lights;
Auto purge, auto start/stop and auto fill come standard;
Soft-start ignition system and fast-closing UL, CSA and FM approved gas valve for smooth operation;
Stainless steel steam de-mister box;
Many safety features, including a UV scanner which shuts down the unit when a flame does not appear;
Foam suppression system and easy-to-access sludge disposal valve.

Evaporation Rate* 1-120 GPH 1-60 GPH
Fuel Usage 1,142,000 BTU 571,000 BTU
Fuel Supply Natural or LP Gas, 1.5″ NPT Natural or LP Gas, 1″ NPT
Compressed Air 10 CFM @ 20-100 psi 10 CFM @ 20-100 psi
Vent Stack 12″ 10″
Tank Capacity 170 gal. 76 gal.
Tank Material** 316L SS (12 gauge) 316L SS (12 gauge)
Electrical 220V 1ph 30A 220V 1ph 20A
Dimensions 79″L x 50″W x 81″H 73″L x 31″W x 80″H

*Evaporation rates are calculated using water only. Your evaporation rate may vary depending on elevation and contaminants in your waste stream.
**Standard allow 316L. Optional corrosion-resistant AL-6XN stainless steel alloy for resistance to higher chloride concentrations.

HBG Conventional Wastewater Evaporator

Water Maze offers several models of evaporators that use the conventional hot-plate technology with a unique high-efficiency combustion chamber to dispense of up to 90% to 95% of a waste stream so only 5% to 10% has to be hauled off.

There are three models of the HBG / HBE evaporators, They are capable of evaporating wastewater at 8, 15 and 30 gallons per hour. The natural gas-heated HBG systems have two models. The all-electric HBE, featuring eight 2600-watt coil-type heater, has one model with either 230V 3ph or 460V 3ph configurations.

The combustion box in the HBG models is made of advanced heat reflective material and features a unique energy-efficient design for reflecting the heat directly onto the floor of the evaporation tank for energy cost savings. The unit is made of heavy-duty steel, insulated and double lined for energy efficiency and safety. Other features include:

Heavy-duty tank made of carbon steel with optional alloy upgrades to 316L or AL-6XN stainless steel;

Non-fouling, stainless steel, liquid level assembly prevents damage to the system with a redundant third float for protection against overflowing;
Nema 4 electrical box with operational controls as well as trouble-shooting indicator lights;
High-efficiency burner shoots a flame, fueled by natural gas or propane, into the combustion chamber for unusually high-energy efficiency;
Three-inch, recessed drain port for easy sludge removal.

Evaporation Rate 25-30 GPH 10-15 GPH 6-8 GPH
Energy Source Natural Gas / Liquid Propane Natural Gas / Liquid Propane 8 x 2600 Watt Heater Elements
BTU Per Hour / KW 390,000 BTU/hr 200,000 BTU/hr 20.8 kW
Power Requirements 120V 1ph 3 amps 120V 1ph 3 amps B – 230V 3ph 57 amps
C – 460V 3ph 28 amps
Compressed Air 4 cfm @ 60-100 psi 4 cfm @ 60-100 psi 4 cfm @ 60-100 psi
Tank Capacity 125 gal. 70 gal. 55 gal.
Tank Material Carbon Steel (3/16″ walls, 3/8″ floor) Carbon Steel (3/16″ walls, 3/8″ floor) Carbon Steel (3/16″ walls, 3/8″ floor)
Insulation Double Walled Double Walled Double Walled
Exhaust Stack 10″ Stainless Steel 6″ Stainless Steel 6″ Stainless Steel
Dimensions 90″L x 44″W x 70″H 78.5″L x 33″W x 65″H 58.5″L x 41″W x 64″H
Shipping Weight (approx) 1,435 lbs. 1,215 lbs. 835 lbs.
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