Pressure Washer Date Code, Landa, Karcher, Hotsy, Shark systems

Date Codes – What Does It Mean?

You’ve surely seen your machine’s serial plate; packed full of technical jargon that you frequently have to reference. From model number and machine specifications to a unique serial number, this information helps anyone trying to service or get information ensure it matches your exact configuration. One of the most unique numbers, however, is the date code.

The date code is the machine “born on date”. Some pressure washer systems from brands like Landa, Karcher, Hotsy and Shark have multiple models in a single year in which the machine components may differ. This change leads to different service breakdowns based on the time frame the machine was manufactured. So while the pressure washer model number is still important, it may not be enough information for any service department.

Landa Pressure Washer Date Code Example

So, how do you read a “date code”? The example above shows “CODE: 3822”. This translates to the 38th week of the year 2022. This ultimately translates to September 19th – 25th of 2022. Knowing this information about your machine will ensure the correct breakdown is sought after for parts and service.

Please note, this code applies to Landa, Karcher, Hotsy and Shark cleaning equipment. Older models from these companies may not have this code readily available on the serial plate nor the machine itself.