Should I Evaporate My Wastewater?

Water volume reduction using evaporation technology can be an economical alternative to the high costs associated with off-site disposal of water, which can exceed $1 USD per gallon. Evaporation operational costs can be a small fraction of the off-site disposal costs. In that, 90% or more of the water being hauled off-site contains mostly water, while a wastewater evaporation system may achieve up to 95% volume reduction. That leaves 5% of the volume left to be hauled off, translating into major costs savings and a quick return on investment for the purchase of the wastewater evaporator.

Wastewater Evaporators Are Typically Sold to Customers That…

  • Are paying for off-site disposal of their wastewater
  • Want to reduce their disposal cost by as much as 95%
  • Want to reduce their liability exposure related to off-site wastewater disposal
  • Want to achieve a return on investment (ROI) in less than two years

Wastewater evaporator applications normally have smaller volumes of wastewaters with characteristics that are too complex and expensive for traditional treatment methods. The process of evaporation is a thermal exchange of heat into the body of water. As an authorized dealer for Water Maze, we offer a variety of evaporators that employ different thermal transfer technologies that engage various power sources such as natural gas, liquid propane or electricity. These include: Hot plate water evaporation, Submerged combustion heat transfer evaporation and indirect heat evaporation.

Some Things To Consider Before Buying…

  • How clean is the water? Is pre-treament required? Dirty water (i.e., suspended solids, emulsified oils, etc.) will concentrate inside of the evaporator and increase the viscosity of the water, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiencies and may result in higher maintenance.
  • The pH of the influent water should be balanced.
  • The influent water must not be flammable.
  • We recommend that a base analysis for evaporators be performed on a representative sample of the evaporative waste stream.