New Service Trucks!

We are proud to announce the arrival of three new service trucks for our Phoenix location. As always, we have the best equipped field vehicles in the industry with lift gates, crew cabs and all vehicles are now stocked with air compressors, TDS meters and a full array of parts to make getting you up and […]

Alliance Refuse has new Landa SLX Trailer Unit!

SLT+Kubota_130322We were fortunate enough to be able to build a new Landa SLX Trailer for our customers at Alliance Refuse. This cleaning beast puts out 10 gpm @ 2800 psi utilizing a state of the art Kubota diesel engine and a 3/4″ heating coil. We had the trailer coated with bed liner material, installed a 500 gallon water tank and hose reels and plumbed it up to get to work. Alliance already has another Landa trailer unit as well as closed loop wash rack from Water Maze. We appreciate their business. Call us to help build you your dream rig.

The Lost Art of Follow Up

I have had several experiences lately where I am grieving over the loss of follow up. You remember follow up. It’s where the person who you call then calls you back. Or the company who gave you a proposal follows up with out you calling them first. Or the company or person does what they […]

Freightliner’s New Facility

DSCN0250If you have not seen the new Freightliner facility on 99th Avenue & I-10, you owe it to yourself to stop by, even if you don’t own a Freightliner. Big and beautiful is an understatement. Stretching down the block this facility has a drive through wash bay as well as detail bay. We installed (2) Landa VNG High Pressure Hot Water units with wireless remotes and also a WaterMaze CLB Indexing Paper Filter and CLB600D Biological Pre-treatment System. The detail bay has a Landa SEA Cold Water Unit and a Con-Serv R.O. Spot Free Rinse unit. the WaterMaze IPF Indexing Filter to filter incoming water down to 20 microns and then it flows into the CLB 600D Biological Pre-Treatment System with automatic pH Control to clean the water before discharging. We installed (2) Landa VNG4-20024 Stationary Hot Water units w/the LanCom wireless remote system for the truck wash bay and then a Landa SEA3-11024 Stationary Cold Water Unit supplied w/spot free water from the Con-Serv R.O. System.