DC Ranch Country Club, New Wash Rack, Superior Cleaning Equipment, Scottsdale

DC Ranch Country Club Wash Rack Upgrade

When 25 year customer Mark Lawson from DC Ranch Country Club approached Greg Sprunk from Superior Cleaning Equipment about upgrading their current wash rack with new equipment, chemical storage building and completely new layout, he accepted the challenge. They wanted a single point of contact and needed to meet a single budget number and coordinate with the chemical storage company, the contractor and themselves.


  • Older outdated equipment including chemical storage building.
  • Damaged  and extended trench drain system and grating covers.
  • 20 year old Landa Waterstax system.
  • Poor usage of space and workflow.


After designing 5 versions in AutoCAD a new layout was chosen by Mark and Superintendent Dana Parish which included demoing all concrete, changing the entire layout for better flow, access and utilizing the space in a much more efficient manner. We also added more material storage by expanding the existing area and added walls for separation.

SCE brought in National Turf as the contractor and with ideas and a team effort between Mark, Dana, Greg and Jeff the project could not have turned out better and was done in 45 days from the start of demo to startup. Brought in at budget. Water quality is excellent and the customer is DC Ranch is extremely pleased and we thank them for trusting us and continuing the relationship.

Installation Includes

  • A SCE Bio20D pre-treatment system in all aluminum construction with a waterfall grass filter and towable grass trailer.
  • (2) New SCE ICE Stationary stainless steel 3 GPM @ 1000 PSI cold water washers and hose reels.
  • New 8 x 20 chemical storage building from US Chemical
  • All new concrete pad, trench drain with fiberglass covers, bollards and removable weir for solids in trench drain.
  • All new electrical and plumbing , retaining wall


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