Custom Trailer Build, DI Water Tank, 2 Pressure Washer Systems

DI Water Tank Wash Trailer Build

We recently did an an usual trailer for a customer that owns five auto dealerships in northern Arizona and was looking for a combination trailer to not only rinse off all the new cars on their dealerships but also have hot water to clean their entryways, service bays and other areas.

As you may or may not know you cannot run spot free or deionized water through a hot water coil. It will eat the coil as it is aggressive with no minerals in the water. So we came up with a design on a 6.5′ x 14‘ trailer with two separate tanks. One 325 gallon tank for spot free water and a 230 gallon tank for hot water. We also put on a belt drive 4 gallon per minute cold water PGC series unit with its own separate hose reel for pressure and water running through a mix bed deionized water tank with a custom bracket. For the hot water unit we used a PGH 4 gallon per minute at 4000 psi skid mounted unit with a 13 HP Honda electric start overhead valve engine and a direct drive General Pump. This unit also had its own water supply hose reel and pressure hose reel feeding into a 230 gallon tank. Both of these tanks had ball valves, heavy duty banjo agricultural strainers and schedule 80 plumbing with dump valves.

What’s On It

  • 6.5′  x 14′ trailer
  • SCE Model PGH 4 GPM, 4000 PSI hot water unit with a Honda engine and General pump fed by a 230 gallon tank with its own pressure hose and water reels
  • SCE PGC belt drive 4 GPM, 4000 PSI unit fed by a 325 gallon black UV resistant tank with its own water supply and pressure hose reel
  • DI mixed bed tank with custom bracket


If you need to have a custom wash trailer design for your application please give us a call at (800) 635-4903.