PPS San Diego, Pressure Washer, PGHW

Burned By North Star, Welcomed by Landa

Phil Turner retired from being a security guard and wasn’t ready to stay home. With little knowledge, he bought a hot water unit from North Star and after just 3 months the heater stopped working. While North Star suggested buying a new unit, Phil wasn’t about to make the same mistake.

He brought it into our San Diego branch to get it fixed. After troubleshooting the issues and getting a repair quote, Phil asked about the Landa brand versus the North Star line. After speaking with our sales representative, he decided to go with the Landa MHC-Belt drive. This happened a year and a half ago.

Phil continues coming to SCE for accessories and learning more about Landa pressure washer brand. Last week, he traded in the MHC-Belt for a new Landa PGHW5. Now he is blown away with the power and heat the PGHW produces. Couldn’t be happier about his purchase.

Thanks Phil!