Pressure Washers and Safety

Safety and Pressure Washers

Pressure washer safety is in your hands. Follow these tips to protect yourself and those around you while operating a pressure washer.

  1. Always wear personal protection equipment like goggles, close-toed shoes, gloves, and ear protection.
  2. Never use a gas-powered washer in an enclosed space as the exhaust fumes contain poisonous carbon monoxide.
  3. Always plug a properly grounded electric pressure washer into a GFCI outlet and never use an extension cord.
  4. Before starting the pressure washer, start the flow of water from a garden hose or ensure an adequate water supply.
  5. Assume a solid stance, point the gun away from others, and firmly grasp the wand to prepare for kick back.
  6. Use caution when spraying near electrical outlets, fuse boxes, transformers and wires as severe shock or death may occur.
  7. Heed warning labels to avoid touching hot surfaces like the muffler and heating coil.
  8. Before changing nozzles, close the gun and engage the safety latch to prevent accidental activation of the trigger.
  9. Use professional accessories to clean hard-to-reach areas like gutters, windows and undercarriages.
  10. Do not allow the washer to run for more than 3 minutes without relieving pressure in the spray gun.
  11. Never leave a pressurized unit unattended. After cutting power, squeeze the trigger to release any trapped pressure in the hose.
  12. Before refueling, turn the power completely off, allow the pressure washer to cool down and refill in a well-ventilated area.