Our Service Department is Going Digital!

Paper, paper and more paper. It’s a constant in any office, but with paperwork comes the bottle necks. Well, Superior Cleaning Equipment Inc. has made the investment to eliminate that by going 100% digital! Starting November 1st, 2018, we will fully switch over to a completely online service management program. This means better and far faster service for our customers.

Having the right information as fast as possible is crucial in this industry. Our technicians will now be equipped with the latest Apple iPads, loaded with any and all information they will need before and during their visits. This includes full wiring diagrams, operators manuals, up to date price guides and, of course, access to our customers full work history. Our new service management system will also allow us to track the progress and location of each job in real-time, so we can better assign our technicians in the field. This is in addition to 4 new service and sales vehicles, increased inventory and benefits for our staff.

These new tools go beyond helping our service team. As a service customer, you’ll receive e-mails when jobs have been scheduled, a text message when your technician is on his way and completed work orders/preventive maintenance. You can also gain access to your full work history and even schedule service directly online with a few clicks. If you’re a current service customer, we may need the following items when updating our system to ensure these features work properly :

  • Company name
  • Site Address
  • Billing Address, if different
  • Contact Name(s) – Please indicate primary contact from alternates
  • Contact Position
  • Contact e-mail(s)
  • Contact phone number(s) – Please indicate mobile or landline


As the field testing continues, we hope to hear any and all feedback regarding the new system. We are constantly investing and striving to improve the experience you have with our company. We appreciate you and want to thank you for allowing us to be part of your business.