CARB and SORE with pressure washer engines

What To Know About CARB + SORE

You’ve surely seen the phrase “CARB compliant” when it comes to pressure washers. With the “California Air Resources Board” or “CARB” laws affecting engines sold in California, what does this mean for pressure washing and how will it change the way you clean the world around you?

What Exactly is Affected

  • “Small Off-Road Engine” or “SORE” equipment
  • Spark ignition gasoline engines at or below 25 horsepower (HP)
  • Gas powered pressure washers fall under this class


  • Any new equipment with the above engines manufactured on or after January 1st, 2024 cannot be sold into California
  • Systems manufactured prior to 2024 are exempt and can continue to be used


  • All large pressure washers at or over 26 horsepower (HP) will become part of the stricter laws
  • This leaves electric, battery or diesel powered options

Can I Purchase Out of State?

  • You can but it is illegal to purchase online or have manufacturers ship into California any non carb compliant engines.
  • If you purchase a non carb compliant engine you will be subject to fines and other hassles.

What Are My Options?

  • We have a limited supply of pressure washers available with 2023 engines that are exempt through this year. If you are looking to purchase a cold water pressure washer, now is the time.
  • Manufacturers have diesel engines to replace the 13HP and 20/24HP categories. One fuel source, great torque, longer lasting but more expensive. But not as expensive as all electric battery models.
  • New technology for all electric cold water and hot water is here. We have a cold water unit called the CleanWave from Karcher but currently has shorter run times and is much more expensive than current gas models by about 10 times. The state does not understand the burden imposed by these regulations on the contract cleaner or end user and we are working to get standards delayed or exempted such as other items including generators, wood chippers, etc.
  • We are working with one engine manufacturer who has an engine that will meet the new 2024 standards and will keep our customers updated.


If you’re in California, contact us today to ensure the next pressure washer system you purchase is a CARB compliant model.