Why Choose a Landa Pressure Washer System

Why Choose a Landa? Here’s Why.

There is more to Landa cleaning equipment than rugged and industrial quality and industry leading user safety features. There is a local dealer, equipped with know-how, parts, and technicians for you.

Landa equipment is backed by North America’s largest network of cleaning equipment dealers, highly skilled in supporting your business (with factory parts, certified service, equipment) so you can operate at peak performance while enjoying years of uninterrupted high pressure cleaning.

Landa’s dealers are the most seasoned consultants in the industry devoting many years to helping customers just like you, Landa dealers analyze and solve high-pressure cleaning problems, everything from tackling water hardness, identifying local wastewater treatment regulations, accessories needed, wands, hoses, the right nozzle size and detergent to get the most from your equipment.

Landa dealers also provide the technical support that will keep your equipment in top condition so you avoid costly downtime. Authorized Landa service centers must pass a rigorous factory certification training program. When you visit a Landa Dealer, know they are the best dealers in the industry selling and servicing the best product available. So take your cleaning to the next level with #LandaTough pressure washer systems! View available models.


So your pump won’t overheat, even if you/employee forgets to turn it off saving wear & tear on your pump & unloader.
TRU-TRAC Technology
Keeps the belt parallel with the pump & motor when adjusting belt tension.
Uses a spring-loaded idler arm to keep the belt aligned & tensioned, creating less wear & tear on the belt.


Efficient & Servicable Horizontal Heating Coil Design
Rugged, 1.5” x 1.5” Steel Skid Frames
Polyester Epoxy Powder Coated Finish
Vibration Dampening Platforms
All Landa Trailers Manufactured in compliance to NHTSA & certified by NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers)


CETA Performance Certified to CPC-100 Standards
Tri-Lingual Warning Labels (English, Spanish, French)
SO-9001 & ISO 14001 Certified & Registered
ETL Certified to UL1776 Specifications (OSHA Compliant)
Compliance to CSA B140 Safety Standards
EPA Exhaust & Evaporative Emission Regulation Compliant in all 50 States; CARB Compliant


5 Year Non Pro Rated Coil Warranty
7 Year Landa Pump Warranty
7 Year Frame Warranty


Auto Start/Stop
Protects during unattended operation by shutting down the pump during non-use. Optional on some series.
Controls pump, burner & detergent remotely from up to 300 ft. away. Wireless remote.
Variable Pressure Stainless Steel Wands
On most Landa Hot Water Models Stainless Steel Variable Pressure Wands come standard with coil saving and remote soaping downstream injectors.


Over 150 local Landa Dealerships in the USA certified, rained & ready to help. We sell the best & service the rest!

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