Aqueous Parts Washer Maintenance Tips


Add water without adding proper amount of soap. (1 gallon of soap to 4-5 parts water with SCE LPWS parts washer chemical) as it has a built in rust inhibitor and protects the unit. Check daily.|

Run the oil skimmer during working hours. Let the solution cool off and run at night. (Need an oil skimmer timer)

Hook up a water supply hose to your parts washer and automatically add water. You need to add soap each time you add water or automatically inject it with a DEMA injector (We provide for free when purchasing soap from us and if you have the auto water fill option)


Clean out your tank and check for sludge and dispose of properly on a regular basis depending on solids loading.

Keep your door or lid shut when not using. When the lid is closed it will slowly lose moisture and gain oxygen, when the lid is open it will quickly receive oxygen which is the worst case scenario for anything metal when it comes out of water. Even though the covers  are not technically submerged in water they are still being splashed with water and rust inhibitors during use, which helps coat and protect the metal. So they definitely want to keep the lid shut when they are not using it, and also when they are done for the day.

Run your automatic aqueous parts washer for 5-10 minutes every day when they first arrive. Even if there is a day that they have no plans to use the parts washer they should still run it for a quick 5-10 minute cycle to coat the entire cabinet with the inhibitors and help lock out the oxygen.