Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

  • Always turn off the heater before shutting off pressure washer allowing it to cool down.
  • Never quickly pull the trigger on and off as it damages the unloader and will prematurely wear it out. Leave it on or if you have to let go of it for more than a few minutes see above tip and shut the machine off.
  • Wear safety glasses, rubber gloves and steel toed boots when washing!
  • Make sure and check all hoses for wear and look for wire braid coming through and be sure not to use. (Yes, we sell hose)
  • If you are using a Landa, make sure your pressure washer hose has a 24” hose guard on it or it will not comply with UL Certifications that the machine was tested with.
  • Always check your fittings and make sure they are in good shape and fasten properly and lock down and not leaking.