Landa Horizontal Heating Coils FAQ

Landa Horizontal Heating Coils

Most companies use a vertical coil design that raises the unit’s center of gravity. When traveling over uneven terrain, the coil, the heaviest part of the pressure washer, sits on a platform. As it shakes, it has the possibility of becoming loose and unstable which can create a dangerous situation.

Landa’s horizontal coil design solves this problem by creating a lower center of gravity. Whether you are moving the unit indoors or outdoors, through doorways or over uneven terrain, Landa’s horizontal coil design will keep your pressure washer balanced and secure.

Simple Solution With Many Benefits

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Better Protection
  • Easier to Service
  • Better Weight Distribution

Landa’s Horizontal Coil vs. Competitors’ Vertical Coil

  • Fuel Efficiency: Because heat rises, pressure washers that use a vertical coil become less efficient when hot air escapes out of the top of the stack. However, a horizontal coil traps heat longer within the coil chamber, resulting in an increase in efficiency.
  • Better Protection: These machines are designed to be stored indoors, but some owners choose to leave them outside. This can cause issues, particularly with vertical coil models. Rain, snow or sleet that falls directly into the coil of an upright machine can damage the electrical components of the burner. Also, if your machine misfires, the diesel fuel will fall to the bottom of a horizontal coil, rather than falling onto the transformer or other vital burner components of a vertical coil.
  • Easier to Service: The burner inside an industrial pressure washer needs to be properly maintained in order to extend the useful life of the machine. With a horizontal coil design, Landa’s burner components are easily accessible for quicker maintenance. Pressure washers with vertical coils are more difficult to service because they require the service technician to lift the coil in order to get to any parts that need attention.
  • Weight Distribution: Landa’s horizontal coils are properly balanced and connected tightly to the frame. Pressure washers that feature vertical coils tend to be top heavy and can be dangerous to move, especially those that feature two front wheels. With 6-10 GPM (gallons per minute) units, vertical coils expand and put stress on welds where the coil connects to the frame. Landa’s horizontal coils spread the weight across the entire unit for better safety, portability and longevity.