TriTech Service Goes Mobile With New Custom Wash Trailer

TriTech Services Custom Made Trailer

A big thank you to Wayne at TriTech Service for his recent purchase of a custom pressure washer trailer unit. TriTech Service is a contract cleaner located in Phoenix, AZ. Interested in building your own? Get ideas from our photo gallery here or start building now for a free quote!

1. Landa PGHW – Landa’s most popular gasoline-powered, industrial hot water pressure washer. The PGHW5-35324E has a PSI of 3,500 @ 4.7 GPM, reliable Landa pump with a 7 year warranty & powerful Honda GX630 engine. Learn more about the Landa PGHW here.

2. Tandem Axle Trailer – Measuring 12′ x 6′, this rugged tandem axle “Rockland Trailers” build is meant to last. Plenty of room is available for further additions such as tool boxes or wand holders, ensuring TriTech’s deck never feels cluttered or inaccessible.

3. 250 Gallon Water Tank – A 250 gallon water tank to ensure TriTech can clean more and fill up less.

4. Double Stacked Cox Hose Reels – One high pressure, 100 ft. hose on top for the cleaning while another 100 ft. garden hose sits below for filling up the 250 gallon tank. The reels are stacked off to the right due to the majority of their work being on that side of the vehicle, ensuring hoses do not get tangled or caught on the left side.