VMI Self Serve Car Wash System, Vantage Mobility International

VMI Gets a Self Serve Car Wash System

When VMI, Vantage Mobility International, contacted SCE to look at designing and supplying a wash rack for their unique application washing vehicles after they have been outfitted in their new state of the art Phoenix facility we were excited and up to the challenge.

After looking at completely automatic systems including touch free, we decided on the dual pump SCE CWS (car wash series) system including spot free rinse, foaming brush and a hand held drying system with booms mounted on the ceiling and remote boxes controlling all items mounted in the bay. Not only did this save them money in maintenance, consumables and capital it is doing a very good job cleaning their vehicles.

We appreciate their business and the opportunity to continue our relationship with them. To see and learn more about VMI please visit their website at https://www.vantagemobility.com